Welcome to my website

The fact that you chose the English part of my website probably means that you don’t speak Dutch or your English is better than your Dutch. Choosing to go and see a coach or a therapist is for many of us not easy. But when you do, its important that the person you go and see understands you and that you can make your self understood, in the first instance with words. Even though the way I practice is not necessarily about the words they are still the path to bring the unconscious feelings or processes to the conscious mind.

A little about me

I am Dutch, I was born and raised in The Netherlands. I lived in London for 4 years and in New York for 3 years. During this time my English became near to fluent and therefore I feel equipped to offer my therapeutic and coaching skills in English. After I came back to Holland I started the 5 year study to become an Analytical therapist at the Jungiaan Instituut Nijmegen. After I received my diploma I went on to get my Master degree.

A little about the therapy

Analytical psychology emphasizes the primary importance of the individual psyche and the personal quest for wholeness. This quest is often not conscious, as such, but one can feel this on a different level on some or more occasions but sometimes not at all. The basic assumption is that the personal unconscious is a potent part – probably the more active part – of the normal human psyche. Reliable communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of the psyche is necessary for wholeness. By means of bringing conscious awareness to that which is not conscious, unconscious elements can be integrated with consciousness when they ‘surface’. This results in becoming more and more who you by nature are.


A little about coaching

There are a lot of different types of coaching. The coaching method I use gives you the ability to look in a neutral and clear manner at who you are and why you do what you do. This makes you able to see what influence your thoughts have on your perception of reality. The fundamental idea of this method is that one is productive, effective, creative and complete by nature. And that what keeps you from that nature are thoughts and perceptions that you adapted as true. These can be, but are often not, conscious.

It has been shown that human behaviour is controlled by the unconscious for more than 90%.

The difference between coaching and therapy

Therapy will bring you to the roots of you problems and will integrate conscious and unconscious awareness. It’s about becoming who you in essence already are. This will result in inside strength, self worth and you will feel life comes easer at you. With coaching we will mostly work on a conscious level. One of the fundamental ideas is that the answer lies within you. It can give you clarity on a particular subject and it gives you a little inside on who you are and why you do what you do.

If you have Dutch health insurance they might cover (part of) the costs. To find out if your insurance covers, call them and give them my AGB-zorgverlenerscode 90-046704 or my AGB-praktijkcode: 90.049618